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A Garden of Innovation

A community of generosity, learning, and shared purpose

AREA 2071 is a complex, interdependent ecosystem designed to unlock people’s potential so that they can begin solving important human challenges at scale.

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AREA 2071 flourishes when everyone within the garden connects, works in harmony, and inspires each other to do the best work possible.

  • Startups

    Idea-stage or early-stage startups that show promise in developing an innovative business

  • Corporations <br> (Ventures & X-Labs)
    (Ventures & X-Labs)

    Major businesses, from across key sectors, funding and shaping challenges within AREA 2071 in return for investment in disruptive outputs

  • Accelerators

    Organizations supporting high-potential startups through fixed-term programs

  • Venture Capital Firms
    Venture Capital Firms

    Engaged investors seeking to expand their presence in the global startup ecosystem

  • UAE Government
    UAE Government

    UAE official support to help others navigate local legislation and relationships

  • Creatives‑in‑Residence

    Artists, provocateurs, and experimentalists invited to inspire the ecosystem

  • Freelancers

    A global and local community ready to support startups with talent and services

  • The Public
    The Public

    Anyone interested in creative innovation, solving the problems of tomorrow and seeking community